Welcome to Conti's Martial Arts Academy

Conti's Martial Arts Academy, the New Jersey Aikikai and Budokan, offers instruction in traditional Japanese and Okinawan martial arts for the development of mind, body and spirit.

Study, Train, and Earn Rank in 5 Different Martial Arts:

  • Aikido - Japanese
  • Aikijujutsu - Japanese
  • Shorin-ryu Karate - Okinawan
  • Kobujutsu (weapons) - Okinawan
  • Kenjutsu - Iaijutsu - Iaido (Samurai sword arts) - Japanese

In addition, train in the use of 20 weapons from beginner to Black Belt.

Practice mat-restraining techniques.

Learn over 100 pressure points.

Study Japanese vocabulary, culture, history, and philosophy.

Develop the ability to localize, store, project, and utilize Ki (chi) energy.

We are a traditional dojo, but also emphasize self defense and street fighting.

Life skills are taught and these will prepare you for school, sports, family, and workplace settings.  These life skills include, but are not limited to, self-control, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem, honor, respect, responsibility, punctuality, honesty, ethics, and a love of learning.